2010 Olympic Bid & Games, Vancouver BC

2010 Olympic Bid & Games, Vancouver BC

Involvement from initial bid to Games & post Games

Tom Barratt Ltd. was chosen by the Vancouver Bid Corporation to provide all the location, transport, environment and snow venue plans and illustrations for publication in the Bid Book for IOC review.

For Whistler Olympic Park nordic venues TBL provided site and trail system design as well as support to visiting sports experts. Detailed technical plans were provided for International Sports Federation review and approval before IOC.

The combination of site design skills, graphics and communication capability played a large role in winning the bid.

"The Bid Book looks fantastic and very tight thanks to your maps. They are so well done!" (Bid Corporation)

TBL also provided promotional graphics and illustrative plans for public meetings and exhibition by the Bid Corporation.

AWARD: this project won the highest ranking National Honours Award by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.

Olympics 1 1350X750
Olympics 3 750X550 Xc Stadium Olympics 4 750X550
Olympics 2 1350X750
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