Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design

Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design

Tom Barratt Ltd. is a landscape architecture practice based in Whistler, British Columbia; established for two decades, working in both public and private sector.


TBL's work is highly varied in scale and type - from park and trail sytems, like the Whistler Valley Trail & park system to Vancouver 2010 Olympics: venue planning & Bid Book. Urban design such as the Whistler Olympic Village. Communications such as City of North Vancouver Green Necklace Greenway, and wayfinding / mapping.

Communications, Illustration & Digital Technology

TBL has focused on digital communication since adapting an entirely digital workflow in 1988.

Green Infrastructure, Native Planting, Natural Area Design

TBL is expert in difficult site development, native planting, environmental rehabilitation and other practices to enhance sustainability such as green roofs, rain gardens, bioswales and greenways.

Parks & Trails

Tom Barratt was the original Parks Planner in Whistler creating the renowned parks and Valley Trail Greenway system which many communities aspire to.

Constructed Projects & Project Supervision

TBL has overseen numerous constructed projects - including overseeing construction of Whistler Athlete Village for 2010 Olympic games.

Artist Collaboration & Public Art

With an interest in creative expression and art in the landscape, Tom Barratt has coordinated several public art projects and works with artists on design projects.