Cultural Connector, Whistler BC

Cultural Connector, Whistler BC

Pathway and features to connect Cultural Institutions in Whistler

The Cultural Connector is a scenic pathway and bikeway that links six significant cultural institutions in Whistler and identifies noteworthy points and anecdotes. It is a chance to learn about the community’s cultural evolution over time.

TBL worked with the Whistler Parks Dept to establish the first phase of the Cultural Connector to create a connection pathway and upgrade Whistler Village North waterway.

The project is funded in part by the government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia’s Resort Municipality initiative, and invites admirers of Whistler to 'embark on an exciting adventure—one step, one story, one discovery at a time'.

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Cult Conn 1 2 750X550 Oneill 0049 Ro1 D5012 Cult Conn 1 3 750X550 Oneill 0054 Ro1 D5050
Cult Conn1 4 1350X750 Oneill 0047 Ro1 D5000
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